My Steam Loco's

I bought my first loco as a way of having a break away from my Fuchsias,the Fuchsias where taking up all of my spare time.Seven days a week, fifty-two weeks of the year.No holidays to talk of, an odd long weekend here and there.I have always liked steam.On a saturday in November we knew that a steam train would pass through our area,so Rosie and I made our way to Langham signalbox to view the A4 class; Union of South Africa.Camera's at the ready we waited and waited,John, the signalman called me and told me that it was running an hour late.We decided to carry on to Melton Mowbray to do a bit of shopping.We would watch the train from Melton station.While we waited on the platform (it was freezing)we meet other people who also where waiting to film this beautiful loco,One guy with camera at the ready said to me "he hoped it would be warmer tomorrow"I asked why and he said that he was steaming his five inch gauge coal fired steam loco at Whissendine the next day (Sunday).He is a member of the Melton Mowbray and District Model Engineers Society,I asked if it would be ok if Rosie and I could come and have a look,he said that would be ok,I couldn't wait.We went and had a great day with the lads,Rosie and I even had a drive of Tony's loco,great.We were hooked,we spent many weeks looking for our first loco,then we noticed a Polly one for sale on Ebay.It looked a nice little loco,we bid on the loco and were lucky enough to win it.We made a trip to Wetherby to collect it,we were made very welcome and Simon steamed the little green gem,he showed us how to operate and control our new loco.We got on so well we are still good friends today and meet up for steam trips on other club tracks.Simon hires his railway out for events,so if you need a minature railway at any event you are running give him a call.See the list on this page.Since buying the Polly, we joined the Melton model engineers club and steam and help out with any jobs that need doing around the track site.A great group of people.We have since bought a five inch gauge Jubilee,this needed a bit of work to get it into good running condition,I cannot thank my friend Geoff Gregg enough for all the work he put in to getting this loco up and running.The icing on the cake came in March this year when she passed her steam test's.We have still got to fit her name plates and just finish off some small details,but the photo's are on my photo gallery.We bought a class 25 diesel,but this has since been sold on.During one of our long weekend breaks we visited a campsite near Kings Lynn on the A47,Pentney Park.A lovely site and what made it better for us was a 71/4"gauge railway running around the edge of the campsite.It's not used that much so we where lucky to have the members from the Evergreens Minature Railway at Stickney near Boston using the track this weekend.We soon got talking and it was not long before I was thinking about buying a 71/4"loco.That's how the Hunslet came about.We have since been back with our loco,it is a long track and great fun.I am known as the cheque book engineer at the club but it is just a bit of friendly banter.We could not have afforded all of my loco's if it hadn't been for selling all of my life times collection of classic motorcycles,mainly Honda's.

We look forward to many more years of steaming,and friendly club runs.

By the way we dont get much time now to do much with the Fuchsias,but im sure we will be at some shows.


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