WELCOME to my web site.I aim to keep this site up to date.  Please check out my other site (more railway photo's) also the other links.    PLEASE CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE VIDEO'S (wooltman )         

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Hi,My name is Chris Woolston,im married to Rosie.we have been married for 44 years.We have one daughter,Michelle.Michelle is 32 in June.I worked for Network Rail as a Track Inspector,I have worked on the railways for 45years,I have seen many changes in that time. Working in the Oakham (Rutland) area throughout my career.In this time I have worked on many different jobs within the railway,(Porter,Shunter,Lampman,Crossing Keeper,Platelayer,Ganger,Track Asset Manager). In 1962 I went to Kettering Locomotive Depot to get a job as a Engine cleaner,Steam engines were my first love,but as I was only five foot tall I didn't get the job as you needed to be five foot two inches.I was advised to join the operation's side as a porter.Working my way through the grades to where we are today.

I have now retired,Network Rail gave me early retirment.££££££

My main interests are motorcycles,steam locomotives and narrow and miniature gauge railways,growing and showing Fuchsias,gardening,caravaning and looking after Rosie.

Im well known in the Fuchsia world winning many 1st prizes and Best in Show awards throughout Great Britian,see my links to the Fuchsia section.I have done many lectures on this hobby.I started growing these lovely flowers in 1986.

My interest in motorcycles started in 1964 when I bought  a Triumph Tina scooter,I then px'd that for a  brand new Honda CB72 250cc,I have owned many of the early 60's Honda models.At one time I owned 18 motorcycles,most have long gone (thanks Ebay) .

This is my first attempt at making a Web site,so if it is not up to the normal standard please forgive me,I hope to cover all my hobbies at some time.

Best Regards Chris.

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